The worlds first Online Coin Portfolio Manager

South Cape Coins has launched the worlds first ever online coin portfolio manager, allowing you to track the performances of your coins as well as buy and sell coins online either through the market or through the Online Auction House. The release has revolutionised the way people buy, sell and track their coins online. The development has taken more than a year to be completed and incudes a host of features that until now have been unavailable to numismatits worldwide.


It will help you organize your entire coin portfolio – both bullion and rare coins.
Users will be able to track purchases, sales, profits, etc.
Your coin images will be at your fingertips.
Complete details on each of your coins will be in one, easy-to-access place.
Coins on your wish list will automatically be scanned for in the market, based on your criteria.

It is an organic site that will always be growing. Down the line improvements include making it available in Afrikaans. We know that it will eliminate the agony of searching for prices and coin information in general and will save hours of research. With this site, you will be able to analyze and expand your coin portfolio in ways you never thought possible. You will have full control and be able to make informed, educated investment decisions.


These Coin Performance Evaluation Tools will be unique and indispensable for determining coin values. It will actively track and chart the worth of your portfolio so you will always know if you are meeting your objectives

  • Members will have access to an expansive price guide that includes catalogue figures, auction figures and actual sales. All our information is sourced from industry leaders.
  • We will provide comprehensive valuation data for all coins in any grade.
  • A portfolio calculator that is automated and based on the market value and grade of a coin.
  • Visual aids like graphs and charts will provide you with an easy-to-process overview of your individual coin or entire portfolio.
  • Up-to-date population reports from both NGC and PCGS.


This comprises of both a coin marketplace for Online Trading and an Auction Area.
Members will be able to Buy and Sell Coins and will get immediate updates on any activity. Access to the largest stock inventory of rare coins in the country.


  • Members will be able to bid online for the coins they really want.
  • Let us know what coins you are after and we will inform you when these coins are available
  • Highest Current bid will be available
  • Population reports also available
  • Number of bids will also be shown
  • We’ll be bringing the Auction House to you


This section of the site will be invaluable for beginners and experienced numismatist alike as it will contain extensive information on coins in general and on South African Rare coins in particular.
Like the rest of this site, it will constantly be growing and expanding. We aim to make it the ultimate compilation of South African numismatic information.
The information will include coin history, famous collections, beginner’s guides, coin grading information and much, much more.


Members will be able to send coins for grading to both PCGS and NGC.
Our grading cost is the lowest in the market and includes insurance.

Did you know

The 1898 Single “9” is the most important African coin. Sold by Rare Coin Investments.

Understanding "No Grade"

Don't get caught out!

A guide to the states of condition that can cause a coin to be rejected for NGC certification.

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