The Benefits of Being a Facebook Fan

Facebook is the undisputed King of Social Media, and the only network besides Twitter that has effectively transcended countries, cultures, class, race and gender. Facebook is now so massive, that close to a billion people on this planet have an account. That’s right, nearly a billion.

For individuals, the social network enables you to keep in daily contact with family and friends, no matter where they are in the world. More often than not, people are also connected to old school friends, colleagues and people they might have met while travelling or working abroad. It’s remarkable in its ability to keep people logging in on a regular basis, sharing information, and keeping them engaged. 

A few years ago Facebook took ‘engaging and connecting’ one step further when they allowed brands to have their own pages, and today people can decide which pages they want to become fans of. It’s been a brilliant success, and there are plenty of examples of companies and brands that have maximised the platform to its full extent. However, how do you, the loyal followers, benefit from being a fan on Facebook? In short, what’s in it for you and what keeps you coming back for more?

As a specific example, let’s look at what South Cape Coins offers its numismatic fans: 

• You’re among the first to know about any promotions or competitions that might be running. Take for example our current Mandela coin promotion whereby if you spend R5000 or more you’ll receive a free, graded Mandela coin.

• For your convenience, we link all our latest external articles and blogs posts to Facebook.

• Via our Facebook fan page we also link to articles and blog posts from other interesting and relevant websites.

• We keep an eye out for fascinating and informative videos that we think you’d enjoy, and when we find them we share them with you.

• When it comes to engaging, we like to post coin collecting tips and advice, questions and answers, coin trivia and quick poll questions.

• You get access to the most current company news, updates and website changes.

• You have the opportunity to be involved in an active community of like-minded people. Whether that’s through a love of rare coins, books or movies (to name but a few), the choice is yours. A successful brand page should act as a one-stop portal for everything you want to know about your particular interest.

• Perhaps most importantly, it offers you, our followers and customers, the chance to engage and connect with us on a platform that you’re comfortable with and at a pace you choose. You’re not obligated to follow us, and no-one understands that better than us, so we do what it takes to keep you interested and coming back for more.

With that in mind, are you already a fan of our page? If not, come and join us today

Did you know

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