Veld Pond

Year: 1902
Coin: Veld Pond
Diameter: 22,8mm
Mass: Approximately 8 grammes
Edge: Milled
Designer: P.J. Kloppers
Metal Content: Virtually 24 carat gold
Mintage Figure: 986


Design: ZAR in decorative script
Inscription: ZAR 1902
Remarks: This is South Africa’s most unusual coin. The ‘Veld Pond’, as it is known, was struck at a gold mine workshop in Pilgrims Rest from hand made dies using a heavy fly press. There have been many known forgeries. These coins are also known as Siege pieces, or Money of Necessity.


Design: Een Pond, in decorative lettering
Inscription: EEN POND
Remarks: N/A

A Brief History

During the Anglo-Boer war there was a shortage of coins for provisions for the Boer troops. Consequently, a Mint was established in the field/veld at Pilgrims Rest. A 29 year old former school teacher, Mr PJ Kloppers, was appointed as the Head of the Mint. A hand press was improvised and discs of 24 carat gold were manufactured. Remarkably, these coins were struck with only one pair of dies and a lathe turned by two men. These coins are classified as ‘Siege Pieces’ or ‘Money of Necessity’. Forgeries were made as early as 1903 as it was a lucrative business after the Anglo-Boer war when high prices (£8 – £10) were paid by the public for them.

Did you know

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