Single 9

Year: 1899
Coin: Single 9
Diameter: 22,0mm
Mass: 7,988 grammes
Edge: Milled
Designer: Otto Schultz
Metal Content: Gold 916,92 / Copper 83,08
Mintage Figure: One


Design: President Paul Kruger
Remarks: On the 2nd day of November 1899 at 10.30am, a single figure 9 was stamped at the bottom of the President’s bust, slightly overlapping the design. The coin is known as ‘the single nine counterstamp’ and is South Africa’s only unique coin.


Design: Z.A.R. Coat of Arms in a circle, with eagle and flags
Inscription: 1 POND 1898
Remarks: N/A


A Brief History

In 1899 the Kruger Pond/Pound dies were intercepted by the British in Lourenzo Marques. To mark the wartime re-opening of the mint it was decided to overstamp 1898 ponds with a 99 overstamp below Krugers bust. The first coin to be processed was stamped with a single 9 – approximately 2,3mm in length – on the obverse of an 1898 coin. This took place at exactly 10:30 am on the 2nd of November 1899. It was later presented to the American Consul in Pretoria.

The late King Farouk of Egypt later bought the coin in Paris. In 1954 it was sold at a Sotheby auction for an estimated R650-00. In 1969 it was sold by Days’ postal auction as part of the late Dr. CL Froelich’s collection for R2530-00. In 1981 it was sold by Phoenix postal auction for R45 000-00. In 1983 it was sold by Phoenix Auction for R132 000-00 to Mr. Kraay in South Africa. Mr. Kraay then sold it in 1998 for R4,65 million. The value of the single 9 can only be determined by a willing buyer and a willing seller with possible negotiations. Documentation accompanies this coin confirming its authenticity.

Did you know

The 1898 Single “9” is the most important African coin. Sold by Rare Coin Investments.

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