Sammy Marks Tickey

Year: 1898
Coin: Sammy Marks Tickey
Diameter: 16,3mm
Mass: 2,611 grammes
Edge: Plain
Designer: Otto Schultz
Metal Content: Gold 916,67 / Copper 83,33
Mintage Figure: 215


Remarks:This is the Sammy Marks gold tickey. It is not legal tender, but because it was struck from official dies it is regarded as part of the Z.A.R. series. No 1898 silver tickeys were struck.

Design: President Kruger
Inscription: None


Design: Laurel wreath around the date and the figure 3
Inscription: Z.A.R. 18398
Remarks: N/A

A Brief History

In 1898 President Kruger allowed Samuel Marks, a mining magnate, the run of the mint for the day in appreciation of services rendered to the republic. He minted 215 tickeys in gold from the 1898 3D dies. They are not considered as legal tender but a type and did not circulate. However it is regarded as part of the ZAR series by South African numismatists. A considerable percentage of these were mounted which reduced their value significantly.

At the time, the cost of these coins was about 65¢ each. In 1961, coins in UNC state had escalated to R400 each and in 1973 they cost about R2 000-00.

Did you know

The 1898 Single “9” is the most important African coin. Sold by Rare Coin Investments.

Understanding "No Grade"

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