Pond – Blank Rimmed

Year: 1900
Coin: Pond – Blank Rimmed
Diameter: 21,65mm
Mass: 7,988 grammes
Edge: Plain
Designer: Unknown
Metal Content: Gold 916,92 / Copper 83,08
Mintage Figure: Unknown


Design: Blank Rimmed
Inscription: None
Remarks: This is the other variety of the ‘Blank Pond’ better known as the ‘Rimmed Blank Pond’, being a step nearer to completion. These coins or discs were later issued to the troops as payment but were not favourably received.


Design: Blank Rimmed
Inscription: None
Remarks: None

A Brief History

In 1900 the striking of the Kruger Pounds/Ponde were interrupted due to the advance of the British troops on Pretoria. All the available silver and gold, including pond blanks, were removed from the Mint and taken to Middelburg. Once all the minted coins were used up, some of these blanks were used to pay the troops. There are two varieties of these Ponde, namely the rimless/flat blank and the rimmed blank.

Did you know

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Pond – Blank Rimmed enquiry