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For thousands of years, gold coins have held an irresistible allure, and since the first gold coins were struck in the 6th century BC, people have adopted the idea of collecting and storing them for future gains. Although coin collecting was once referred to as the ‘hobby of kings’ hundreds of years ago, when the only people who could afford to purchase rare coins and gold coins were royalty and nobility, this is thankfully no longer the case.

In recent times rare coin collecting and gold coin investments have become a viable, profitable option for the everyday person. While international investors have been diversifying their portfolios with rare and gold coin assets for many decades already, this ideal is only just starting to take hold in South Africa. People are becoming more aware of the potential of rare coins and it’s considered a wise move for local investors and collectors to include rarities such as our nation’s Krugerrand  or ZAR coins in their investment portfolio or valuable coin collection.

One of the reasons why ZAR coins and gold coins are so popular with numismatists and investors is that they were never shipped overseas, so there is little chance of them flooding the market. Due to this incredibly limited supply and high demand of rare South African coins, investors enjoy a consistent ROI that averages 17% plus, year on year.
Locally, all gold coins are considered highly valuable, but if you’re interested in particularly rare gold coins, then you’d do well to invest in the following:

All ZAR coins minted 1874-1902
All Krugerrands
1923- 1932 SA Sovereigns and ½ Sovereigns
1952 – 1960 SA Sovereigns and ½ Sovereigns
1961 – present gold R1 and R2

At South Cape Coins we believe in and understand the investment potential of rare coins and one of our primary goals is to convey this potential to our own South African market, so that they too can take advantage of the benefits.

If you’re interested in adding a rare South African coin to your investment portfolio or coin collection, then speak to South Cape Coins today. If we don’t have the coin you’re looking for, we’ll help you source it.

Did you know

The 1898 Single “9” is the most important African coin. Sold by Rare Coin Investments.

Understanding "No Grade"

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A guide to the states of condition that can cause a coin to be rejected for NGC certification.

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