Interview with the Sammy Marks Penny Winner

We take a moment to interview Jaco Pieterse the winner of the incredible Sammy Marks Penny competition. Jaco is a real numismatic fanatic. He started his collection at the age of 12 and since then has never looked back. Find out how Jaco got into coin collecting, the first coin in his collection, his most desirable coin, and much more.

1. What made you enter the competition and how did you find out about it? (I.e. website, Facebook, friends, Google ad?)

My boss knows I am a coin collector and he told me about South Cape Coins, so I went to the site, saw the competition and said ‘why not enter?’ Of course, I’m really happy now that I took the time to do so. This is an incredible prize that will really add value to my growing collection.

2. Do you already have a rare coin collection?

Yes, I have a few coins in my collection, although I don’t know if they are all rare as I haven’t had them graded. Up until now, I have just collected coins for fun.

3. If so, when did you first start collecting coins and what or who motivated you to do so?

I started collecting coins when I was about 12 years old. I began by picking up all the coins I could find in the street and my parents gave me their old coins and notes, which is how my collection started. Also, when family and friends went overseas, they brought back coins from different countries for me, so I have a huge collection of foreign coins, but I don’t know what they’re worth.

4. What was the first coin you started your collection with?

The first coin I started my collection with is a 1967 R1 which I found when I was walking in the street.

5. What rare coins do you collect? Do you focus on sets or types or coins from a particular country or period?

I’ve never bothered collecting specific coins, but my boss has told me that some rare coins are really valuable and make a good investment, so I bought a Sammy Marks Penny RB from him for R18 000.

6. If you don’t already have a rare coin collection, has winning the competition encouraged you to start collecting?

Yes, winning the competition has definitely encouraged me to collect more coins and make sure I add valuable specimens to my collection.

7. What would be your ultimate coin to own?

I’ve always been interested in the Sammy Marks coins so I think the next coin I’d look to add to my collection would be the Sammy Marks Tickey.

8. Are you aware of the investment potential of rare coins?

I wasn’t aware until recently of the true value and potential of rare coins, until my boss told me about a coin that he purchased for R4 000 and sold six months later for R7 500.

9. Would you encourage your friends to invest in rare coins or become collectors?

Absolutely, I have been telling them for years that coin collecting is a great hobby and investment. Some of my friends went out and purchased Mandela R5 and Kruger Ponds.

10. What do you plan to do with your 1898 Sammy Marks Penny? Does it fit in with the coin collection you already have?

I’ll definitely keep it in my collection for a year or two, until I can get that Sammy Marks Tickey.

11. Do you have a favourite rare coin? What makes it so special?

The first coin that I started my collection with, the 1967 R1 is my favourite coin. It has a lot of sentimental value.

12. Which rare coin is currently on your wish list and why?

The Sammy marks tickey! I really just love the history of these coins.

13. Are you interested in Krugerrands? Do you own any?

Yes, I’m interested in adding Krugerrands to my collection but I don’t own any yet. I’m just waiting for my December bonus so I can think of purchasing one then.

14. Have you seen which rare coins are available to buy on the South Cape Coins website?

Yes i did, I love the 1982 proof sets, but I’m not in a position yet to buy them.

15. Do you belong to any coin forums or chat groups? If so, which ones?

Currently, I’m only a fan of the South Cape Coins Facebook fan page, which has been very helpful so far in terms of coin collecting tips and advice, interesting articles etc.

16. Do you subscribe to any coin collecting newsletters or numismatics magazines?

No, I haven’t subscribed to any yet.

17. Do you know that South Cape Coins has a monthly newsletter that includes industry news and updates, a different rare coin focus each month and links to latest blog posts and other interesting articles? Would you be interested in subscribing to this newsletter?

No, I didn’t know, but I’m definitely going to subscribe to it from now on.

18. Would you suggest using South Cape Coins to grade your coins, and why?

Until now, I didn’t know where I could take my coins to be graded, but now I know that I can have it done through South Cape Coins, I’d like to get my entire collection graded over the next couple of months.

A few of Jaco’s coins

Did you know

The 1898 Single “9” is the most important African coin. Sold by Rare Coin Investments.

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