Cape of Good Hope Patterns

A Brief Discription & History

The pattern coins of the Cape (bronze, nickel, aluminium and tin) show the “young head” of Victoria or the coat of arms of the Colony on the obverse. The Victoria pieces bear the Cape coat of arms on the reverse, while coins with the Cape coat of arms on the obverse have an encircling wreath with the value indication “1 PENNY” inside it on the reverse.

There is also a silver half-crown similar to the penny, with the head of Victoria and the Cape coat of arms. The Cape used British coin from 1806 to 1923; it did not have its own coin series then. The pattern coins were in all likelihood a promotional exercise to stimulate interest in an own series for the Cape.

Source: ‘Money in South Africa’ – C.L. Engelbrecht

Cape of Good Hope Coin Patterns

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